Why Sustainability Is Important For DTG

Today, sustainable fashion is becoming the new norm. People prefer investing in sustainable fashion brands over brands that pose a  threat to the environment.

The fashion and apparels industry is entering a new phase with several leading fashion and apparel brands investing in sustainable garment manufacturing methods, resulting in the rise of sustainable fashion.

Today, the fashion and apparels industry is hugely contributing in offering sustainable products to its consumers.

DTG Printing offers a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to producing garments.

Apart from this, DTG Printer also offers a vast color gamut, which means that fashion brands, businesses & designers can print detailed designs and photorealistic images with no color limitations.

The Kornit DTG Printer range offers eco-friendly and modern digital textile printing solutions for the garments and apparel industry. They offer a complete pricing solution for every business, irrespective of its size and locations.

Let’s take why sustainability is essential for DTG Garments

  • Ethically Manufactured Garments

Today’s consumers believe in investing in Garments that are sustainable and ethically manufactured. Ethically manufactured garments are garments that do not exploit humans or animals in any manner. The DTG garments fit the bill perfectly!

Since DTG printers are garment production sources of the modern world, they are simple and convenient to use. These printers have a simple and convenient operation process that does not require an additional workforce or laborer’s for the manufacturing process. A single employee can easily handle and operate a single or maybe even a couple of DTG printer machines as almost all production stages are digitized.

  •   Reduced Waste

The DTG Printer offers a cleaner source of garment production  process that results in zero to no waste products. Unlike Screen Printing or other garment printing methods that use hazardous inks or plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which are toxic and can pose a severe threat to the environment, DTG Printers use biodegradable water-based inks as a part of their garment production process.

For example, Kornit DTG Printers produce zero waste as they use water-based vegan inks, which are tested, formulated and made in Kornit’s ink factory and are non-hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable and contain no animal by-products.

Also, DTG Printing can create one-off designs or print on demand, thereby eliminating waste from unsold stock.

  • Eco-Friendly

DTG Printers offer a sustainable and eco-friendly business model as compared to screen printing. Printing one-offs allow businesses to avoid massive overproduction and textile waste. With over 92 million tons of textiles that go waste in the fashion industry every year, an eco-friendly business model such as this is a true game-changer for the fashion and apparel industry. Owing to the direct jet printing technology, the DTG printers produce less water, unlike other plastisol based printers with oil-based inks requiring a variety of chemicals for cleanup and prove to be a massive hazard to the environment.

DTG Printers like Kornit, on the other hand, priorities using less energy and lowering their carbon footprints, resulting in an overall eco-friendly garment production process.

DTG Printer Price In India

Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd has been offering economical and sustainable printing solutions to the Indian market for decades.

They offer the Kornit DTG Printer Range at affordable prices allowing fashion brands, textile houses, designers, small fashion business owners to invest in them.

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