9 Layer Printing with EFI H Series – Application that WOW!!!

Do you aspire to have a future-proof business with a truly powerful competitive edge? If yes then think of nothing other than EFI VUTEK Digital Printers. Because EFI has hoped 9 steps ahead in the printing space with its VUTEK series printers that allow 9 layers of printing to give a definitive edge to the print image. The VUTEK h series is a new generation of super wide format hybrid inkjet printer. These printers provide organizations with superior reliability, productivity, serviceability, functionality, and easy access.

However, the two most prominent printers that offer nine-layer printing are EFI VUTEK h5 and h3. Let’s dive into the details of these amazing digital printers. The Nine Layer creates Tactile Printing which raises the surface, creating a texture that can be sensed with touch. Tactile printing creates a WOW Factor in the Printing and gives you the advantage of being ahead of the competition.

Tactile Printing is the next generation of printing technology as it gives life to the print and takes it to the next level where you can feel and touch the print. Raised effects create a tangibility and dimension that are unique differentiators for print. Raised effects create a tangibility and dimensional look which is unique differentiators to other print providers.

With three rows of Ricoh Gen5 Printheads having drop size of 7pl and operating grayscale mode, this 10-channel machine can print up to nine layers in a single pass and runs at up to 1,200dpi. It just takes one day to upgrade h3 to h5 configuration, which has five rows of Printhead

The Mechanical crash detection sits on both sides of the carriage, which if triggered, will stop the carriage and abort the print. Wrinkle detection and media height measurement offer additional printing accuracy and consistency. Additionally ImageEdge technology enables fast and easy printhead replacement while built in power monitoring facilitates remote and onsite diagnostic troubleshooting.


This printer has become the future of digital printing. EFI has reengineered and reimagined the super-wide format hybrid inkjet printers from the ground and has launched the EFI h series. The EFI VUTEk h5 hybrid flatbed for roll to roll super-wide format LED inkjet printer which offers higher productivity and sustainability. The printer is another name for time-saving and versatile production capacity. It delivers unrivaled productivity and image resolution together with enhanced delivery durations and all this has given a strong impression on customer satisfaction.

The biggest advantage of this 3.2-meter hybrid /flatbed printer is that it offers a broad spectrum of supported substrates that include a reproduction of shadows, brilliant printing of small text bodies and the highest clarity through all printing platforms. It offers us a choice of 4 or 8 colors plus white with nine-layer printing capabilities.

Features you can’t miss-

  • Print resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • UltraDrop Technology 7pL grayscale printheads
  • Productivity up to 109 boards per hour
  • High defined print quality
  • Powerful EFI LED Technology
  • Reduced waste and low power consumption
  • Maximum roll diameter of 12 in
  • EFI VUTEk h3

The EFI VUTEk h3 printer encompasses incredible features that show revolutionary printing that will take your business higher in terms of reliability, capability as well as profits. What makes this printer distributor in the market is the user-friendly feature along with LED environmentally friendly benefits.

The 3.2-meter hybrid role LED inkjet printer offers print resolution up to 1200 DPI. Talking about its colors and printing capability then it has four or 8 color modes plus white. It can print up to 9 layer printing that too in a single pass!

Even though it is a Production Printer it shows energy reductions up to 82% which is really treated as the highest advantage. Its eco-friendly characteristic helps reduce waste while delivering consistent color output and lower power consumption.

Features you can’t miss-

  • Handles flexible and rigid substrates up to 126 in wide and up to 2 in thick
  • Productivity up to 74 boards per hour
  • Maximum roll diameter of 12 in
  • Powerful EFI LED Technology
  • Improvised ICC color management for proofing quality color and output
  • Print resolution up to 1200 dpi

High-End Applications of EFI VUTEK 9 Layer Printing

EFI VUTEK h3 and h5 printers have a wide gamut of applications including Banners, Billboards, Bus Shelters, Display Graphics, Exhibition Graphics, Floor Graphics, Indoor Signage, Posters, Point of Purchase, Graphics Packaging, Long Term Outdoor Graphics, Day or Night Backlit and more.

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