UV LED vs Latex Ink Technology

Today the large format print industry is continuously transforming and has been experiencing huge growth and change with the influx of advanced technologies in the market. However, the increasing demand for sign companies along with different service providers seek output in a shorter time window to improve their profitability.

UV printers today have evolved so much and have been offering numerous benefits in the Large format printing market. However, UV inks have been widely used to reduce the negative impact of printing on the environment. UV printers are considered an excellent platform for all applications involving a variety of substrate printing. UV inks are widely used to print on roll as well as rigid substrates.

Let us understand the major advantages of UV inks over Latex in this blog.

Latex Inks

Latex inks are aqueous-based pigment inks containing small particles of resins which is nothing but a form of plastic. However, once we apply this to the paper, the water is evaporated with the help of the heat that will leave the pigment itself and the latex particles on the surface of the paper.

The main disadvantage of using latex inks is that even with the heat involved in the process there are very limited media in the market that suits latex printing. Additionally, since heat is involved in the process it needs more energy that ultimately affects the cost and environment. With Latex the Inks are Eco Friendly but due to heaters and Aircon Cost, the overall technology isn’t as Green.


The UV inks are cured or dried by keeping it exposed to strong ultraviolet light. That’s why these inks are known as UV inks. The basics of UV Inks are monomers, oligomers, pigments and photo initiators. When the photo-initiators are exposed to UV light, the oligomers and monomers crosslink or polymerize. So no additional heaters are required to dry the inks.

The prime advantage of using these inks over the latex is that they can be easily applied to a wide variety of material. Talking about the functionality of the UV inks, then we must say that there is little to no absorption of ink in the media and there is also no need for liquid solvents to evaporate. This makes it a virtually universally compatible Ink. However, once the ink is cured on the surface it immediately dries which means that the ink can be easily applied to nonporous substrates and paper as well.

This allows UV led to print at very high speeds and also in more than 7 plus layers for applications that need tactile feels, day night effects, push-pull decals, two way vision images, etc. The USP for UV LED Inks is heat sensitive materials, mesh banners, porous textiles as this can be easily printed with UV LED Inks as no heaters are involved in drying so the chances of buckling or getting wrinkled is minimized. Moreover the Yield with UV inks is almost double moreover with UV inks Optimizer isn’t needed so no additional cost is added.

UV inks do not need additional Lamination and can be directly used for outdoor applications.

UV inks are widely used in flatbed printers that print directly on rigid substrates. Owing to the incredible benefits, UV inks are being increasingly used in hybrid printers that print on flexible media such as Vinyl, paper, and rigid substrates. The most broadly used applications of UV inks include outdoor graphics, general display, Signage, and heat sensitive media.

UV ink dries immediately and has excellent adhesion for non-absorbent substrates such as PVC, carton, wood, aluminum, glass and ceramics. These printed substrates can be stacked, rolled and finished immediately after printing. UV Inks do not need any specific coated material and can be easily printed on uncoated media.

With UV LED Inks you save on Inks, Lamination, Power and Aircon. This makes the UV LED Technology a complete Eco Friendly solution for Digital Printing.

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