Applications that AMAZE with EFI Wide Format Printers

EFI wide format UV printers are a brilliant way to enhance your wide format display graphics printing business. With these advanced UV Printers, you can enter into the new age market and can develop advanced revenue strategies for your business while reclaiming your outsourced work.

EFI wide format printers have been a boon for overflow and specialty printing space and especially for those businesses that are anticipating more than 100% customer satisfaction in their businesses along with quick profitability with their high image quality and high productivity. They have incorporated the most advanced technologies that offer better color gradients as well as smoothing capabilities.

Let us have a look at the outstanding applications of EFI Wide Format Printers.

Dual Day or Night Backlit Application

This technique makes use of three-layer printing. The printing process encompasses producing a file for the back layer first then the front layer appearance is made bright or is changed in backlit. White layer is used in the process that separates the two images and gives an appealing effect.

The application delivers various features such as Color Change, Hidden Message, and X-ray vision. In this technique, every final composite image gets printed in the perfect form that delivers outstanding creativity and quality to the customers.

Improvised Backlit

Improvised Backlit is the technique that offers a different option from the normal day or night backlit print. To get an advanced impact on the original image, the technique rearranges the layer of particular elements in the file. However white ink is incorporated into two layers of the print and acts as the diffuser.

The technique works in three layers in which the first layer that gets printed against the clear material is the image file and no enhancement is made to the image. Secondly, the second layer needs to be printed in the image with the spot white channel, and this layer prints white. In the final process, the third layer needs to be printed in the image with the color channel. It will print both white and color ink simultaneously while backing the second image with white to get the opacity. The file also adds a layer of color which completes the day/night print.

Bump Plate

The technique makes use of two-layer printing in which the first layer has to be selected of the area which needs to be bumped and add density to the selected areas of the image. The second layer will be of normal channel printing. This will bump and create more pop when backlit.

Bump plate is a two-layer technique that is widely used for improvising the color for adding some density to the selective portions of the image. However, it can also be widely useful to maintain a particular density of color when printing on porous materials. With it you can enhance any image, can print on backlit fabric, and it can print on rigid substrates as well.

MaxColor Backlit

The technique offers much more than the intense color saturation that could be easily observed in the traditional photographic backlights and this application is widely used for dynamically bright boxes that need more color saturation as compared to the standard day or night print.

The technique makes use of three-layer printing in which the first layer that needs to be printed against the material is the image file. In this, no enhancements are made to the image.

Now the second layer needs to be printed in the image with the spot white channel and the layer prints both white and color simultaneously. Finally, the third layer needs to be printed in the image with a 100% spot white channel and allows printing for both white and color ink simultaneously. The printed image in this third layer will appear pastel which will be the correct one. Due to this technique, the file will back the image with height while adding another layer of color that will complete the MaxColour print.

Textured Wallcovering

Now you can create tactile textures with all designs and patterns on wallcovering. The textured Wallcovering technique makes use of two-layer printing with white ink. The first layer would be black on the area which we would like to texturize, second layer would be spot white in the same selective area and the final layer will be the actual CMYK Print. This will give a texture to the area where black and white are printed.

Backlit fabric application for UV print

Fabric is the most printing material for printing and with EFI Wide format printers there are a lot of outstanding options for UV print table fabrics especially when we talk about backlits.

The most significant reason behind implementing the EFI backlit multilayer techniques is its incredible use on fabric which ensures that our graphic gets more stunning and colorful. Even if you wish to print day or night graphics then this backlit fabric for UV print technique will be the best option for you. Not least, but you can also create a dual day or night graphic and can add double hits to the Reds and blacks for some extra rich feel.

Broad Array of EFI Wide Format Printers

EFI has launched the most innovative and cutting edge wide format UV printers that are transforming the printing world thoroughly. These outstanding printers are-

Each of the above-mentioned printers possesses its specialty and features. Hence they find applications in different areas and have been a real source of enhancing the printing business.

EFI wide format printers have been in great demand due to their outstanding speed, maximum print width feature, and incredible resolution offered. They find applications in wide-format graphics. We can easily go spot wide-format graphics in the form of branding graphics on banners, buildings, vehicles, store windows, and retail displays.

However, these wide-format printers can print on several materials and can help you fetch more work from your existing customers with the wide format printing capabilities. Right from banners, posters, to POP displays and much more wide format printers have been expanding their footprints fastly.

Down The Line…

With these printers, advertising your business or brand will be easier since you would be getting high-quality images that will undoubtedly appeal to the audience in the right way.

The above mentioned were the most prime applications that you can add to your business and can drive real financial potential. EFI wide-format printers can print on a wide range of materials and can deliver outstanding performance through their wide format printing capacities for the printing business.

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