ArrowCut Nova 330R – Roll 2 Roll Laser Cutter

ArrowCut Nova 330R is the leading laser finisher that is the most compact laser finisher in the market. With its 13 inches wide laser cutting machine, it becomes super easy for roll-to-roll type of small-batch label printing applications. The most powerful and special part of this laser cutter is that you can easily cut labels by controlling via desktops.

Let us understand in this blog more about this excellent laser finisher.

Sky Rocketing Productivity

ArrowCut Nova 330R embraces an array of functions including coating laminating and scrap paper removal that contributes usually to the improvisation of productivity. With that, you don’t have to worry about the location of the label and minimization of the loss of media. However, the laser machine is completely cost-free for tooling and saves a lot of operational costs. It works brilliantly with digital label printers while offering an easy and efficacious label printing system.

Evolved Technology

ArrowCut Nova 330R encompasses cutting-edge technology that is all set to process the medium-sized and large-sized laser cutting and offer same-day delivery to the clients full stop the application of this laser machine does not include any conventional die-cutting tools that help save a huge investment along with installation time and storage space.

Core Advantages

In the evolving Digital Printing world, laser cutter machines are introducing their uniqueness to appeal to a huge mob of customers. The more laser finishing machines help save cost and offer increased productivity, the more are the chances of them to get settled in the market.

It is this reason why ArrowCut Nova 330R has been in constant demand since its inception in the market. One of the prime advantages the laser cutter machine offers is that it helps save a lot of time as well as cost 3X. An additional advantage of the brilliant laser cutter machine is that you can link your printer easily with the machine and can make use of the inline expansion option for better productivity and preciseness.

Why ArrowCut Nova 330R?

ArrowCut Nova 330R is the one-stop destination for all your laminations, scrap paper removal, and slitting needs. All you need to do is to relax till your labels are cut precisely. Additionally, you can set various cutting methods for single-level cut performance including half-cut and full cut. All the essential information including barcodes QR codes numbering date and time is directly mounted on the labels by using the most exclusive software program incorporated in the laser machine.

You don’t even need to worry if you need a label using a complex image because this cutter will make it possible in a very short time and in a much easier way. The incorporation of the ArrowCut Nova 330R laser machine will require no more cost for replacing the knife edges because you won’t be needing a knife to cut your labels!

Top features you shouldn’t miss –

  • 10000 labels can be cut within a time duration of 1 hour without retooling
  • You can become an expert with the short term training
  • You don’t have to worry about the space to increase the production
  • Long labels can also be cut simultaneously
  • Cutting and marking functions can also be performed simultaneously
  • The two-step process of making labels is converted into one single step by using ArrowCut 330R.

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