Why Short-Runs are Important in Label and Flexible Packaging

You might have been wondering what short run is. A short run is nothing but the production of smaller labels or packaging counts in the form of sample packs or singular use. However, with the growing competition in the market, quick promotions have become the most common marketing strategy and organizations are constantly updating branding techniques. This has resulted in huge demand for short-run printing. Short runs in labels and flexible packaging make it a lot easier for organizations to quickly make the product while helping reduce the costs.

Flexible packaging has also undergone a huge surge owing to the ability to promote products or solutions with the help of affordable materials such as paper or film. However, the short-run flexible packaging helps organizations to achieve small production at the most optimal cost. Moreover, it delivers high-end graphics while improving overall productivity.

No Huss, No Fuss

Short runs offer a complete huddle-free option that does the work without the plates that need more cost and leads time as well. However, it is quite tough to go beyond the accuracy of digital printing technology. The ball is in your court since your art and tactic are involved in it.

Short-run labels offer minimal setup time and you will get your designs in literally no time. This promotes testing new ideas while increasing your options. Although, it has now become the fastest method of printing labels when compared to flexographic printing.

Short lead times require low cost and short-run labels also promote on-demand printing concept. On demand, printing makes sure that you don’t need to warehouse the labels and thus, reducing the overall cost for the inventory as well.

True Benefits Of Short Run Productions

Let us have a look at benefits offered by the short-run productions-

  • Prints small runs with high quality
  • Reduced upfront cost and low material waste
  • Easy to modify the designs
  • Enhanced inventory management feature
  • Helps respond to the market requirements quickly
  • Huge cost savings by producing small quantities at the most cost-effective prices with the help of a high-quality four color print process
  • Potential of introducing new products in the market
  • Since the film doesn’t go out of date, short runs help print-on-demand notion
  • Short lines are most suitable for small businesses

ArrowJet Aqua 330R

If you have been looking for a world-class digital label printer then ArrowJet Aqua 330R would be the ever best choice. It incorporates the most advanced digital label printing technology that takes labeling to greater heights. With Memjet’s DuraFlex technology, the digital label printer offers flexible packaging, high-resolution labels, and more. Moreover, it delivers labels at an incredible speed of 150 ft. /min.

The most amazing feature of this label printer is that it offers the lowest production cost in the market. Also, it has the first setup configuration along with the lowest and ever long-lasting printheads that make ArrowJet Aqua 330R the most cost-efficient price.

Features at a glance

  • Offline & Inline Options Available
  • High-Level Durability & Incredible Resolution
  • Huge Production Capacities
  • Low Cost of Materials
  • Proprietary RIP Software & User Interface

Get the ever-best ArrowJet Aqua 330r from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd at the best price in the market!

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