Best Wall Paper Finisher- FOTOBA XLD 170

Fotoba has its name of significance in the printing space due to its ingenious features. Among its plethora of brilliant cutters, Fotoba has XLD 170 cutter which has just been endorsed with the Best Wallpaper Finisher award by EDP.

Let us learn more about this leading Wallpaper finisher in this blog.

An Overview

Fotoba XLD 170 is the most flexible cutter that is specifically designed with both rolls and sheets. It is the topmost solution to trim all the flexible media output UPTU 1 to 7mt/67 in. It is specifically designed for trimming multiple styles of graphic images and it is completely equipped with digital sensors.

This automatic cutter has the capability of X/Y Cutting a 150 feet roll in just 10 minutes!

XLD 170 cutters will automatically realign themselves to the edge of the printed image irrespective of any feed misalignment. Suppose the printer fails to print parallel to the media age or if the printer has failed to wind up the roll squarely then the XLD 170 True Edge Tracking feature will always be there to generate perfectly square posters. However, they are quite ideal for trimming multiple tiles having single images for Butt joint application.

However, these cutters handle the most flexible media having maximum thickness up to 0, 8mm. This media includes photo paper, polycarbonate Vinyl film, duratrans, Canvas, TDF, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, encapsulated prints, laminated prints, and more.

Amazing Technical Features

Fotoba XLD 170 offers great technical features that you shouldn’t miss-

  • Max cutting width: 170cm/67in.
  • Min cutting width: 28cm/11in.
  • Max roll diameter allowed: 26cm – 80Kg | 60cm – 200Kg with Heavy Duty accessory (optional) | 60cm – 400Kg con JRU170 (optional)
  • Max cutting thickness: 1mm
  • Feeding speed:18mt/min
  • X cutting accuracy: 1mm
  • Y cutting accuracy: 1mm
  • Net Weight: 250Kg
  • Gross Weight: 515Kg

A Perfect Solution For Wallpaper Cutting

Fotoba XLD 170 WP HD resolution that cut styles of wallpaper in an extremely accurate manner. This enables butt joint wall application. The cutter has sides in sir correction that can perform with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm that produce high precision. These cutters are completely automatic that is assigned for media up to 64 inches wide and also handle flexible media up to a maximum thickness of 40mil.

XLD 170 has various memory channels that store different cut marks and this results in high-quality image with superfinishing. It has automatic scanning of the cut marks to give the desired finishing to the wallpaper. Additionally, the self-sharpening blade system has the utmost precision.

To add more products, the cutter is attached with Fotoba optional college rewinder. If operated with the cutter, this amazing fusion will rewind types of media to give a finished roll print.

Outstanding Applications

  • Digital cutting of printed pillowcases
  • Expanded polyethylene cutting
  • Converting and winding long roles after cutting
  • Textile cutting
  • Cutting and rolling posters in a single step
  • Rolling poster for outdoor advertising

So what have you been waiting for? Get this innovative and state-of-the-art Fotoba XLD 170 Wallpaper Finisher from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd which is the only printing solution provider of printing equipment and its substrates.

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