Direct Digital Printing on Environmental Safe Board for Display & Signage

PVC foam boards are widely used for commercial applications and have great texture and versatility. However, there are different ways in which PVC has been used in the advertising and marketing activities of businesses. Be it laminating, screen printing, signage, Vinyl lettering. PVC has been the most popular material for indoor as well as outdoor signages. PVC foam boards are conventional plastic and are heavier in weight too.

But have you ever thought of an alternative that could be eco-friendly? Well, you do not need to go anywhere else because Arrow has come up with its outstanding and innovative material which is known as Arrow Greenboard. Arrow Greenboard is the best competent material and it is now taking place of PVC due to its green capabilities. It is receiving great demand among the businesses for advertising and promoting their brand. Moving to its brilliant features that cannot be easily found in other boards make it distinctive among the rest!

Let us understand in this block how direct digital printing on environmentally safe boards for display and signage is super easy!

Arrow Greenboard Is The Leading Solution

Arrow Greenboard is the topmost alternative for all digital printing needs and has been a great alternative for sun boards, PVC foam boards, and more. It is a completely PVC freeboard that does not contain any plastic. However, this results in lowering down the carbon footprint and thus proving highly beneficial for the environment. Talking about the color quality, Arrow green board offers excellent image quality with vivid colors.

Its top features we must know-

  • 100% Biodegradable/recyclable Paper
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional plastics, like Sun-boards/PVC foam-boards
  • Does NOT contain any plastics, PVC, etc.
  • Reduced carbon footprint as compared to plastic coated boards
  • Low Gloss Level
  • Fast Dry

Makes direct Digital Printing simple!

Arrow Greenboards have incredible strength and durability and are completely scratch-resistant. Due to its eco-friendly and brilliant image print quality, these boards are specifically used for outdoor signage as durability becomes the most crucial concern. The board is completely corrosion-free and is available at a much affordable cost as compared to PVC foam boards and sun boards.

Today, whenever businesses seek a sign that can stand by the time irrespective of the climatic effects they are often turning to Arrow green board. Additionally, in the retail space, the boat is widely used for exhibit booths and displays. Arrow Greenboard has endless applications not just in signages but also in schools corporate branding households, events, and packaging purposes as well.

So, you can cut and bend the Arrow Green Board and tailor it as per your need!

Get this ingenious and completely eco-friendly green Board from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd which is the only 360 degrees solution provider of a number of printing equipment and their substrates. Contact right now and make your digital printing business fly high!

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