Dominate the Display Graphics Market with EFI Soft Signage Printers

EFI is a well-known and trusted brand in the printing space that offers a wide gamut of efficacious, productive, and highly scalable soft signage printers

If you have been looking for high-quality display graphics for a long time then your search ends right here! Because EFI has a broad array of soft signage printers right from entry-level to high quality and speed. With EFI, you can print dazzling displays, high-density backlit signs, and much more with ultra-high resolution. 

Let us see in this blog how incorporating EFI soft signage printers can help you dominate the display graphics market in a full swing!

Why choose EFI soft signage printers? 

First of first, EFI soft signage printers are completely environmentally friendly. We all know that printed fabric signs are very sustainable and the fabric can go longer when compared to plastic banners. With EFI soft signage printers, you can easily and precisely print soft sign fabric which is a perfect match for a backlit display along with different textured fabrics including polyester-based textile, natural fiber and sewn or a silicon edge. 

One of the prime reasons behind you starting investing without hesitation in EFI soft signage printers is that there is a huge competitive differentiation since not every signage printer can achieve that preciseness. These printers have greater margins as well as upscale demands that will keep your business high. 

Another striking thing about these printers is that they are very lightweight and transportation can be quite easily achieved. You can fold them and install them without getting any marks on their surfaces. Not least, the printers can be reused and washed, as well! Amazing, isn’t it? 

Owing to their ingenious capability, EFI soft signage printers can encompass a broad range of applications such as banners, retail POP/POS, flags, trade show graphics, backlit displays, retail store decorative items, and much more. 

A Quick Look at the most superior EFI SOFT SIGNAGE PRINTERS-

EFI Colors 340

EFI Colors 340 delivers outstanding image quality that can be printed from direct to fabric. The maximum speed offered is upto 850 sq. meter per hour with a resolution of upto 2400 dpi.

EFI Power 340

EFI Power 340 delivers high rates of speed and efficiency for direct printing on fabric as well as on paper. The maximum speed offered is 1564 sq. meter per hour with a resolution of upto 2400 dpi.

EFI VUTEK FabriVU 180/340

EFI VUTEK FabriVU 180/340 get high-quality images and soft signs from this outstanding digital fabric printing. The speed offered is 400 m2 to 500 m2 and resolution upto 2400 dpi. 

EFI VUTEK FabriVU 340i

EFI VUTEK FabriVU 340i is a world-class dye-sublimation printer having inline fixation capability. The maximum speed offered is 500m2 per hour and 2400 dpi resolution.


EFI VUTEK FabriVU520 is a 5-meter soft signage printer which is indeed a versatile option for your all printing needs. It offers a maximum speed of 446m2 per hour and 2400 dpi resolution.

Down The Line

If you are looking for high-quality display graphics and wish to take over the market then investing in EFI soft signage printers would be worth every penny! 

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