Robust, Integrated & Unmatched Finishing Quality with Kongsberg

Getting a perfect counter cut for the demanded printed material needs a flawless workflow and the most suited cutting table. If you are in search of avant-garde cutting tables with outstanding features and capabilities then we have got to you Kongsberg cutting tables that will definitely win your business. Kongsberg is the most trusted and global leading brand that offers a wide gamut of superior quality digital finishing tables that assures incredible cutting quality and spotless outputs. 

Yes! Kongsberg cutting tables are the most robust ones and around 50% of the current market is taken by it due to the unmatched finishing quality it offers. The cutting tables can be fully integrated and can easily cut science out of a wide range of materials. 

Let us have a quick look at these superior quality cutting tables and what are the incredible features that make them unique and highly productive!

Kongsberg C Series

It is the first multi-function supervised digital finisher which is specially designed for display and packaging applications along with signage applications. The cutting table encompasses a carbon composite traverse of 3.2 meters that delivers fast acceleration and high speed. 

It offers a high-powered 3kW continuous duty high-performance milling unit that serves a number of milling applications that embrace light-duty routing, lengthy jobs, heavy-duty material work, sporadic work, and much more with its amazing productivity. Its additional features include table mapping, auxiliary control panel, economic design, rack and pinion drive system, tool Wagon, and roll feeder. 

Kongsberg X Series

Kongsberg offers the most versatile X series cutting tables that help gain the confidence in you of upgrading the business to the next level. With the cutting tables of these series, you can easily add new tools as per the materials and can add more applications to the portfolio. Moreover, by adding new tools to it, you can get more volume, capacity, and enter into the new market spaces. 

Its MultiCUT HP milling performance brings a high milling speed that is 3X faster than the standard Multicut head. Get the finest range of materials that generates power, flexibility, speed, and much more that automatically handle a wide base of materials including solid board, coating blankets, wood, and a broad range of plastics.  

Kongsberg X Edge 

To get a kick start to your digital finishing journey, X Edge will help you get the most of it. The digital cutter delivers an excellent speed of 30m/min while the acceleration offered is 0.3G. Such ingenious speed and acceleration help gain a thorough array of display, packaging, and signage materials right from heavy-duty milling to kiss cutting vinyl and every requirement that falls in between. 

Kongsberg X Edge is fully equipped with advanced machine configurations that would come from the X Series family. The most astonishing part of this digital cutter is easily upgradable in acceleration and speed as well. This feature ensures that your changing business demands will be coped up. 

Get these massive and productive cutting tables of Kongsberg from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd. which is the most trusted supplier of varied digital cutting tables, printing machines, and substrates in India.

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