Right Solution For Your Next Project With Quick, Compact & Simple Vacuum Forming Machine- Formech Compac Mini

Have you been looking for a brilliant class vacuum forming machine that will be a perfect solution for your next project? Well, then your search ends here. Formech has brought its most vigilant and dynamic Compac Mini vacuum forming machine to the market. It is one of the truly efficient and most demanded Desktop series offered by Formech.

The Compac mini is a simple plug-and-play machine that has different built-in features. These features make it a must buy for businesses to transform their professional creative careers into successful one. 

Let us have a look at the Compac Mini vacuum forming machine in a bit more detail.

Compac Mini- A Simple Yet Efficacious Vaccum Forming Machine  

Formech Compac Mini is an easy-to-use and simple vacuum forming machine that has a plug-n-play feature. This makes it a perfect and most recommended solution for first-time users as well as for hobbyists. The machine is brilliantly compact and possesses an array of incredible features that make it a complete professional package. 

Compac Mini has Quartz Heaters for rapid response and high efficiency while resulting in huge energy savings and time savings as well. Its safety interlock feature helps prevent the table from being uplifted while the heaters are in the forward position. This safety interlock feature can be observed in all desktop machines. The machine has a vacuum and release feature with which once the formed part is cold air is forced in between the sheet and the mold that helps release it. 

Another feature of Compac mini is the vacuum gauge that offers a visual indication of continuous vacuum pressure being applied. The Compac mini also has a digital timer that has a programmable countdown as well as an audible alarm that helps accomplish consistent cycle times without any delay. 

Options for Compac Mini 

The Compaq Mini is one of the most efficient vacuum forming machines that has a number of options available. The foremost option here is a reducing window in which the forming area is reduced to leverage smaller sheets of material while minimizing the overall wastage. 

The machine has a trolley along with locking wheels and spacious storage for plastic sheets. It also has a starter pack of plastic that includes sorted materials such as ABS, HIPS,  and PETG. The most astonishing part of buying the Compac Mini is that it has options for a spare parts kit. The kit includes elements, fuses, seals, filter, and toggle clamps. 

So, these varied features and options of Formech Compac Mini will surely make your next project more attractive and efficacious!

Applications You Can Make Out Of Compac Mini!

Formech Compaq mini has a number of applications including theatrical masks, monkey masks, model making, car body shell, and much more. 

Formech Desktop Series also includes other excellent vacuum forming machines- 450DT and 508DT!

So, why wait?

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