How Kornit Digital Printers Can Boost Your Fashion Business To The Next Level.

How Kornit DTG Printer Can Boost Your Fashion Business To The Next Level.

Fashions made from sustainable materials are becoming more and more popular among consumers. However, there is still a significant demand for sustainable fashion that is also fashionable and available in stores. This is where the demand for DTG printer gets increasing.

Kornit seeks to affect real change within the fashion industry, providing the new sustainable solution to the fashion industry, it’s quite an accomplishment both in terms of environmentally-friendly, zero water waste, toxin free production, as well as re-imagining the future supply chain and eliminating the waste that comes with over-production.

From a brand perspective, Kornit works with a vision on how to overcome the industry’s greatest challenge – overcoming the prolonged excess inventory problem, and how the rise of eCommerce and adopting  latest digital printing technologies can open new revenue channels, but also solve that age-old problem, not to mention taking concepts from creative inspiration to repeatable finished pieces in mere hours.

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The fashion industry is ever changing. Keep up with the industry trends, new styles, consumer preferences and more with Kornit DTG Technology. Kornit DTG offers on-demand printing is nothing but commercial quality printing offering quick turnaround times that can be a few hours or even less than that. It helps businesses to order print materials as and when needed. The printing technology is best suited to all industries including the textile industry where the printed content needs frequent changes and hence it can easily offer faster turnaround times. With advanced digital technology, the quality of the print is pretty high.

Kornit comes with the latest HD technology platform, and it is the best, robust, and field-proven commercial DTG printer serving small to mid-sized printing businesses. Translating the industry’s challenges into opportunities is where game-changing technology is emerging. It’s the Ink Recirculation Technology along with Neopigment Eco Rapid Ink system that separates this DTG printer from the rest.

Excellent Features :

  • Resolves screen challenges.
  • Exceptional printing resolution up to 1200 dpi.
  • Lower Ink Consumption.
  • Screen-print quality and hand-feel.
  • The unique configuration of 6 colors (+ White) .

Kornit DTG printer is not limited to T-shirts alone, here you can print sweaters, jackets, polos, scarves, masks, bags, leggings, dresses, and much more. Kornit Digital printers allow you to print on a variety of printable substrates like Cotton, Polyester, Cotton-Polyester, Blends, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, Leather, Denim, Linen, Wool, and more.

If you are looking for something best in the fashion industry with sustainable Digital printing along with high standards then Kornit Digital stands up at the first position. Last but not least, sustainability is the key element of Kornit DTG printers that saves huge money for DTG printing businesses. In this way, Kornit helps digital printing businesses to achieve their goals and make them ahead in this competitive world.

In a Nutshell

We at Arrow Digital believe that Kornit Digital Limitless printing is a revolutionary technology that is redefining the fashion Industry. It can produce garments that are both sustainable and affordable with zero waste and zero defects. Being a registered distributor of the Kornit Digital brand, we feel proud to provide this revolutionary technology to Indian customers.

So if you are looking to take your fashion business to the next level or if you want the Demo of this Kornit Storm HD6 printer or if you are searching for the best dtg printer in India or would like to know the dtg printer price in India then please contact us, and we will be ready to solve your queries all the time.

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