Precision Cutting with Kongsberg C & X Series

Kongsberg is well known in the market for its flexible packaging solutions by offering a versatile range of cutting tables characterized by Precision and innovativeness.

The Kongsberg C & X series are one of the most productive, advanced and versatile cutting tables in the market that perfectly suits and evolves with your company’s needs. Offering flexibility and versatility for a wide range of cutting applications for 2D/3D Packaging’s, Displays and Signages.

In this blog, we will have a look at what makes the Kongsberg C & X Series the most sought after cutting tables in the market and why investing in them is the perfect solution for your businesses.

Let us begin!

The Kongsberg C Series

Modern, Multifunctioning & Productive, that’s what the Kongsberg C Series stands for.

It is the first multifunctioning superwide digital finisher for display, packaging and signage applications.

The packaging industry has evolved in the last few years, with packaging being the top priority of every business today. Flexible and aesthetically pleasing packaging is in high demand today, and that’s precisely what the Kongsberg C series offers its customers!

With Kongsberg C you can go Creative with your Packaging, moreover can customize it according to the promotion.

A Rock Solid Performance

The Kongsberg C series offers a high speed of 100m/min- 66in/sec and acceleration of up to 1.7G showing quick & precise tool movements.

The cutting tables use aerospace technology with features like an aluminum composite tabletop, a rack & pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping to provide optimized cutting accuracy and consistency.

Feeder & Stacker Option

Kongsberg’s automatic board feeder and stacker with a stack height at 915mm/36 in along with quick automatic load cycles combined with an underside camera, thereby offering optimal solutions for the productions of packaging and display material.

The Kongsberg C

The Kongsberg C represents:

Capability – Capable to handle all types of substrates from thick to thin.

Capacity – Offer A 3kW continuous duty high-performance milling unit

Consistency – A consistent performance even for the most demanding materials and complex jobs.

Choice – Eliminated the need to own dedicated digital finishers for different applications.

Complete– A complete solution for all your digital finishing needs.

The Kongsberg X Series

Versatile & Precision is what the Kongsberg X series offers its customers and automation with the Shared Resources functionality via its i-cut Production console that analyses all incoming files and automatically selects the correct tool table setting and cutting sequence.

With the automation feature, you can quickly deliver the short around the time that your customers demand.

Highly Scalable

The Kongsberg X Series conveniently upgrades with your business!

Businesses can easily add new tools for new materials, new applications, and more capacity to add more volume as they maximize their production scales and enter new markets.


The Kongsberg X Series is perfectly suitable for:

  • Short Run Production
  • Display, Packaging & Signages Production

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