Why is KORNIT DTG the Only Single-Stop Solution for Your Printing Needs?

Textile printing is a technique that requires a single-minded focus on research and development. The development of such technology requires a multi-faceted team of professionals from different fields right from textile, chemistry, printing technology, ink technology, software, hardware, and so on. Since 2002, through consistent focus on R&D, Kornit Digital has built the Kornit DTG (Direct to garment) digital textile printer that has revolutionized the industrial digital printer field.

Proprietary Technology

The Kornit DTG has been built using a proprietary single-step print technology that uses an aqueous inkjet technique to print on any kind of garment surface to obtain high-resolution sharp prints. What makes the Kornit DTG printing solution noteworthy is the integration with the fabric pretreatment step that reduces the need for extra manpower, lowers the number of errors, and improves the turnaround time of printing a garment.

Printing Solutions from Entry Level to Mass Production

Kornit DTG has come up with a one-stop solution for all kinds of printing requirements. So, a manufacturer can print either a single garment or go for mass production on the same printer. So, a garment manufacturer can undertake all sorts of orders and not turn away one-off small orders. The level of customization that the Kornit DTG has to offer is unparalleled and proves to be advantageous for both mass manufacturers and custom manufacturers alike. Start-up e-commerce companies can easily build innovative garments at low costs using the innovative DTG technique.


All Kornit DTG printers are designed to reduce the intake of inks and other consumables and be extremely cost-effective in terms of per print cost. In fact, the printing cost per garment using a Kornit DTG is in line with the screen printers. Thus, you can enjoy the benefit of higher print quality, get photorealistic digital impressions, faster turnaround time all at the lowest cost. Numerous customers have been able to improve their operational performance using the Kornit DTG printing solutions.


Kornit DTG printing solutions have been designed considering sustainability to be one of the important core value propositions. The Kornit DTG printers are designed to meet the highest sustainability standards and have a low carbon footprint. The process is so developed that there is zero wastewater generation while printing. All the inks used for printing solutions are water-based inks and certified to be free of any heavy metals or hazardous compounds. Using Kornit DTG, the manufacturer can be assured of using a future-proof solution that reduces the environmental impact and contributes to the global mission of reducing climate change. The unique Kornit inks meet the stringent OEKOTEX and GOTS standards.

Superior Neopigment Inks

One of the reasons why Kornit DTG is able to deliver HD vibrant prints on any kind of garments is the superior quality printing inks. The inks have been developed after years of research and trials. These environment-friendly inks are so designed to bind well with any kind of garment to achieve bold and vibrant results on all garments.

So, if one wants a retail-ready product that allows all kinds of garment manufacturers to get durable, digitally vibrant photo images on any kind of garment, one need not look further than Kornit DTG.

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